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London Heathrow office
T +44 (0) 208 844 2388 F +44 (0) 208 844 1939
Joint Chairman
T +44 (0) 7834 133 438
Jim was born in Springside,Scotland and is a co-founder of JAG UFS. He has the same passion and tenacity to succeed today as the first day he opened our doors. He is always there to offer guidance to the ‘younger execs’ of the group, which always makes us laugh as we are now over 50, but we will take the ‘younger’ label anytime! He enjoys a nice glass of wine to unwind.
Joint Chairman
T +44 (0) 7768 533 046
Colin was born in Teddington, Middlesex and is a co-founder of JAG UFS. Logistics has run through Colin’s blood since he left school and brought a wealth of operational knowledge when JAG UFS was born. Colin is always there to advise us ‘younger execs’. He is still a pretty mean table tennis player and enjoys nothing more than spending time with his cherished family.
T +44 (0) 7775 756 366
Much like his father, Gary started in the industry, straight from school, spending a couple of years with other companies before joining JAG UFS in 1986. He worked his way through the ranks, now proudly holding the position of CEO, steering the company and building for the future. He unwinds with golf, although he is not very good, but enjoys spending time on the course with his two sons and his dad.
Group CFO
T +44 (0) 7900 241 952
Julian joined JAG UFS in 1986 in the accounts department. Showing a natural flare for figures, it was clear to see from the early days that the company would be in safe hands with Julian controlling the finances. Always keen to better himself, he is now learning about ‘New Growth Theory Economics’. Julian loves to keep fit and likes to do his thinking whilst jogging.
Group Operations Director
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Richard joined JAG UFS in 1985, rising through the ranks of JAG UFS, giving him a knowledge of the operational side of the business that is second to none. He plays golf every weekend to a very high standard and is often seen by the photocopier practising his swing. If he could have a superpower it would be x-ray vision……say no more!
Operations General Manager
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Mike has been with JAG UFS since 2009, having worked with Gary Wilcox in a previous job. As a glutton for punishment he joined Gary at JAG UFS and is astonished that they are still such good friends (maybe not as surprised as Gary!). He loves to start the day with a coffee and a cuddle with his pet dog, a Mastiff called Kookie! He used to be a pretty mean rugby player too!
Operations Manager
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Ruben joined JAG UFS in 2012 as a trainee and has fast become an invaluable member of the team. He became office manager in 2019, which was great achievement. He is the loud one in the office, he loves his food and he is currently learning a new skill of being a dad, we were all hoping this might quiet him down… not a chance!
Ocean Export Manager
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Ritesh has been at JAG UFS since 2016, he can’t believe how quickly that has gone! His can-do attitude has attributed a big rise in our ocean export business and he has quickly become an integral part of our team. In his down time, he enjoys listening to classical music and likes to go out in his car to explore new places. He also loves following the Indian Cricket team.
Ocean Exports
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Minu has been with JAG UFS since 2018 and very quickly fitted in to the JAG UFS family. A quieter member of the team but extremely quick to pick things up. Minu is a very keen and good cook, but with all of Minus culinary skills, her favourite food is still pizza! When not cooking, Minu enjoys relaxing with yoga and meditation.
Ocean Exports
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Darcey joined as a trainee in 2017 and very quickly became a valuable member of the operations department. Customers love the quick communication and ‘nothing is too much’ attitude. Darcey is a new mum and is adapting to that extremely well. As with most of the younger generation, Darcey cannot leave her home without her mobile!
Air Export Manager
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Aaron has been with JAG UFS since 2012 and has a wealth of experience in air exports. He is a great support for the younger members of the team. Aaron loves listening to music and at weekends does the odd spot of DJing. He also loves travelling.
Air Exports
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Georgie joined JAG UFS as an apprentice back in 2016 and has worked in every department. He is known as ‘the sponge’ because he can retain an amazing amount of information. He supports Liverpool FC and is an accomplished boxer and footballer in his spare time. He enjoys a flutter on the horses, but there is a reason he is still working and enjoying more success at work!
Air Import Supervisor
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Harry is another young lad that joined us as an apprentice back in 2013 and has gone from strength to strength and is an invaluable member of the Heathrow team. Harry is a keen footballer and Chelsea supporter. In his spare time, he enjoys playing FIFA on his PS4 or Beer pong… the youth of today!
Air Imports
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Sean joined JAG UFS as a trainee is 2018 and very quickly grasped logistics and the JAG UFS philosophy that customer is king! He has some very daring ambitions, like swimming with Great White sharks! Rather him than us! He doesn’t tell many people, his middle name is ‘Victor’ but we don’t tease him as he’s is a Chelsea supporter!
Ocean Imports & Quotation Dept.
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Jodie is our prodigal daughter and after a short absence, she re-joined JAG UFS in 2014 with her wealth of knowledge and experience. She has been on maternity leave, returning March 2020. Jodie enjoys going to music festivals and now with her new daughter, no doubt they will be bopping together in years to come.
Accounts Manager
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Naomi joined JAG UFS in 1993 on a training scheme in our accounts department. With a natural eye for detail and love of numbers, Naomi has been loyal and hard- working and is now our accounts department manager, although as a youngster she wanted to be a lawyer. She has an irrational fear of stickers, much to the amusement of her colleagues!
International Finance Manager
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Eric has been with JAG UFS since 2011 and has worked his way through the ranks and now heads our International Finance team. Eric likes any food as long as it is Chicken and enjoys relaxing by spending time with his friends. He has an irrational fear of heights, but when asked “what’s something new you would like to try?”, his answer was “Skydiving”, welcome to the world of Eric!
Credit Controller
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Tracey has been in the logistics industry since 1999 and with JAG UFS since 2009. She does an amazing job on credit control (not the easiest position). Tracey is a summer person and although a northern girl, she supports a lower league team of Brentford but is always dreaming of them in the big time! She likes to start the day with a coffee and finish it with a nice glass of wine!
Accounts Dept
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Karen was welcomed into the JAG UFS family in 2016. She was surprised by the amount her colleagues eat (we are guessing Eric). Karen is an accomplished painter and decorator. She loves rum & raisin ice cream and likes to finish her day with a nice glass of wine, which is her favourite activity (this seems to be a theme that runs through our accounts dept?).
International Accounts
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Monika is the newest member of our accounts team and joined in JAG UFS in late 2019. We commend her for the way she very quickly fitted in and adapted to our way of working. Strangely this is another member of our accounts team that like to finish the day with a glass of wine! If Monika had a superpower, she would like to stop time as her young child is growing up too fast!
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Milena has been with JAG UFS since 2017. When she was younger, Milena wanted to be a teacher. She is a morning person and starts her day with a nice cup of coffee and ends it by watching a movie with a bar of hazelnut chocolate with ready salted crisps. She cannot leave the house without her phone, but nowadays, who can?
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Rebecca joined JAG UFS in 2019 and is following in the footsteps of her nan and father in the accounts department. Rebecca is an accomplished dancer and would like to get back to dance as this is her passion. She much prefers the summer months and supports Arsenal, but we don’t think she had much choice in that!
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Whitney has worked part-time in our accounts department since 2017. By her own admission, she is a straight talker, but in a nice way! She has an irrational fear of spiders, just like her mum. Whitney enjoys watching reality TV and supporting her favourite football team Chelsea.
Warehouse Manager
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Reece joined JAG UFS in 2019 and was surprised just how well everyone gets on. He has a love for all music and can be heard belting out his favourite tunes in the warehouse. We only wish he had a volume switch! His biggest passion is his fishing and enjoys sharing the photos of his weekend catches with all of his colleagues.
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Sam is a new member of our transport and warehouse team and very quickly felt at home working alongside his colleagues. Sam’s passion is music with aspirations of being a DJ, enjoying mixing music at home. In his spare time Sam likes nothing more than socialising with his friends and is another Arsenal supporter.
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Frankie joined the team as a driver in 2019 and loves every part of his job. His passion is driving and meeting new people. This shows in his performance at work and he has quickly become a customer favourite with his can-do attitude, always with a smile. He is a keen rugby player and supports the local team, the Harlequins.
Sales Director
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Pardip jumped across from the automotive industry to JAG UFS in 2012 and hasn’t looked back. He is a very driven character demonstrated by his rapid promotion to Director of Sales at JAG UFS. He is a self-confessed “great dancer”, although growing up he wanted to be a footballer. His hidden talent is that he is “very funny”, a very “hidden” talent Pardip!
Business Development Manager
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Neha has been in the logistics industry for 20 years and has been with JAG UFS since 2013. She loves meeting people from all walks of life and wears her heart on her sleeve. When she was younger, amongst other things, she wanted to be a dietician which shows today as she is very much focussed on health, nutrition and well-being. She has too many hobbies to mention here, but if you would like your tarot cards reading, Neha is your person!
Sales Support
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Eddie joined the JAG UFS sales team in 2016 and plays an invaluable role of making sure all our customers are happy. One thing that Eddie did not mention is that in fact he was a world champion chef, he was too modest to write this down, but we have spies! In his spare time he still enjoys cooking and entertaining, he is another keen supporter of Chelsea.
Client Relationship Manager
T +44 (0) 7825 801874
Becca is a recent addition to the JAG UFS family. Whilst working at BA previously, she raised over £5000 pounds for Comic Relief. Becca was born in Aldershot, she is an avid netball player and loves to binge-watch ‘Friends’. If she could ship herself anywhere, she’d pick a beach bar in Barbados with a wakeboard. Becca loves to spend Sunday’s with her friends and family enjoying a roast lunch with all the trimmings and a Gin & Tonic, as long as there are no wasps flying about, she hates wasps!
T +44 (0)208 844 2388
Doug is driver who brings a wealth of experience, with over thirty years of driving in the logistics industry. Doug has been married to his childhood sweetheart for 35 years and it is on his bucket list to renew his vows. When Doug was a young lad, he wanted to be a jockey, but for now he settles for checking his betting slips at a weekend.
Yet another Chelsea supporter (good man!). Oli is a keen writer and has even had some of his work published. He has quite an extensive bucket list including buying a house, watching England in the World Cup and going to the Maldives. Oli is new to logistics, but he enjoys how every day presents new, unique challenges and likes being a part of the team, helping to find the solutions to overcome each challenge.
T+44 (0)2380 677555 F +44 (0)2380 678001
Director of Southampton Office
T +44 (0)2380 677555
Edward joined JAG UFS over 23 years ago and is very much part of the JAG UFS furniture. Like many of us, he needs a coffee to kick start his day. He is a keen sailor and a lot of people don’t know, but he skippered a 120ft yacht from Southampton to Tortola, British Virgin Islands and back again. Although a keen sailor, if given a superpower, it would be the ability to fly!
Southampton Office Manager
T +44 (0)2380 677555
Tyra has worked for JAG UFS since 2018, she has been in the logistics industry since she was 18 (you can do the maths). By her own confession, she is not a morning person, which is why her husband can be seen escaping from the house before she wakes up! That being said, Tyra is a great team player and is a huge support to all around her.
T +44 (0)2380 677555
Jane has been a part of the Southampton team since 2006. Jane is a very motivated person and enjoys nothing more than unwinding with yoga. What people don’t know is that Jane used to be a grid girl for the Porsche Cup Motor Racing Series. We thank Jane for providing this information as she has an irrational fear of questionnaires!
Customs Supervisor
T +44 (0)2380 677555
Having left JAG UFS years ago, we were all pleased when the prodigal son decided to re-join us again in 2018. Tony is a dedicated person and has a great eye for detail, which is a must when making customs entries! He is a pretty good table tennis player and a keen supporter of Southampton FC. He also enjoys spending time down at the pub with his friends.
Ocean Import Operations
T +44 (0)2380 677555
Tatiana is one of our newest members, joining the Southampton team in late 2019. Tatiana used to be a customs officer in her native Moldova, she has a great sense of humour and has very quickly fitted into the JAG UFS family. After keeping fit by running around after her children, she likes to unwind by reading a good book.
Customs Entry Clerk
Since Poppy has joined us, she has brought a positive and fun attitude to the office and fitted in immediately and always keen to offer help when needed to her colleagues. In her spare time Poppy likes nothing better than taking her dog, ‘Maya’ for a walk, then snuggling up with her favourite Chilli flavoured crisps and some Lindor Chocolate!
T +44 (0)1702 546853 F +44 (0)1702 541728
T +44 (0)1702 546853
Andrew has worked at JAG UFS for 29 years. When he was a child, he wanted to be an athlete, now he would like to be Ironman! He likes to cook and can cook a good Thai Curry (apparently). One thing he can’t leave the house with is his clothes. We can all be thankful for that!
Office Manager
T +44 (0)1702 546853
Lee has worked for JAG UFS for 24 years and is always first in the office. He enjoys going to the gym and staying active but does have a guilty pleasure of craft ales. He is also a keen gardener and loves watching ‘Gardeners World’ on TV. He enjoys playing the guitar, but admits he needs a few more lessons.
Export Supervisor
T +44 (0)1702 546853
Scott has been working for JAG UFS for 19 years, although as a child he wanted to be a fireman. He enjoys spending time with his children and supporting his local cricket team. Scott would love to learn about Astronomy and is partial to Salted Caramel ice cream.
T +44 (0)1702 546853
Derek has been with JAG UFS since the very beginning. Although one of the older members of JAG UFS, he would still love to visit Disneyland which shows he is still very young at heart and looks forward to the day he can retire and take it easy.
T +44 (0)1702 546853
Matt joined JAG UFS in 2014 and is very ambitious. When he joined, he was surprised by the family feel of JAG UFS. He starts his day by meditating and finding the inner calm for the day ahead. Not a lot of people know, but Matt appeared on ‘Eastenders’ as an extra when he was 10, so he has always had designs on the limelight.
T +44 (0)1702 546853
Jack joined JAG UFS as an apprentice in 2018 and has quickly gathered a great knowledge and understanding of our industry. He is a keen rugby player and also enjoys playing football. He has an outgoing nature shows and trying skydiving is on his bucket list. He supports Arsenal which we cannot hold against him.
Night Driver
T +44 (0)1702 546853
Nigel worked for JAG UFS for 26 years. Nigel sadly passed away suddenly in 2019 and will be greatly missed. Nigel was one of life’s nice guys and will always be a major part of JAG UFS’s history. So out of respect to Nigel we will always have a place for him here.
T +44 (0)1394 673585 F +44 (0)1394 673057
Office Manager
T +44 (0)1394 673585
James has worked for JAG UFS for 22 years. His knowledge of import customs is second to none. He has a passion is food, loves eating out and finding new places to eat with his wife. Together they share a passion of music and concerts. James is also a keen traveller and would love to visit AC/DC street in Melbourne.
Import Supervisor
T +44 (0)1394 673585
Mark has worked for JAG UFS for 12 years. He was born in the USA. He likes listening to ‘The Beach Boys’ and keeps in touch with his American routes by watching American Football. He now also follows his local football team (or should we say soccer), Ipswich Town. Mark is also an accomplished Poker player.
Import Clerk
T +44 (0)1394 673585
Michelle has worked for JAG UFS for 12 years. She doesn’t like to take life too seriously and is a bubbly, friendly person that likes to make people smile. Before she joined JAG UFS, she used to be an English teacher in Greece. Michelle enjoys watching soap operas and would love to learn ballroom dancing.
Import Clerk
T +44 (0)1394 673585
John has worked at JAG UFS for 10 years and has spent his whole working life in logistics. When asked what superpower he would like, he answered X-ray vision with a cheeky grin (say no more). His friends would describe him as miserable, grumpy and ugly. We don’t think you are ugly at all John!
Import Co-ordinator
T +44 (0)1394 673585
Michael recently joined JAG UFS, he is a dependable member of the team who prides himself on being very conscientious, which is a great quality to have in logistics. He loves spicy food, and his guilty pleasure is watching romantic comedies, but he didn’t want us to tell anyone!
T +86 755 8665 5418 F +86 755 8665 4919
Deputy General Manager
T +86 755 8665 5418
Jojo has been with JAG UFS since our China offices were opened in 2005. Since childhood, Jojo wanted to be a successful business-woman and takes huge pride in having met her goal. In her free time, you can find Jojo practising her archery and spending time with her children.
Operations Supervisor
T +86 755 8665 4965
Sandy has been a mainstay for the Shenzhen office and has worked for JAG UFS for over 15 years. Sandy loves to listen to music to unwind and enjoys visiting the park at weekend to relax. She prides herself on being a kind and honest person.
Accounting & Admin Supervisor
T +86 755 8667 2204
For the last 15 years, Nicole has been an important part of our China accounting team. Nicole takes great pride in being an honest person, someone you can rely on. She is currently learning floristry and is a keen sportswoman, which highlights her competitive side! She loves supporting the Chinese volleyball team.
Business Development Manager
T +86 755 8665 4670
Dora joined JAG UFS in 2017 and very quickly became an integral part of the team. Dora demonstrates confidence way beyond her years and can often be found presenting JAG UFS to large audiences. Dora still loves her home comforts, nothing gives her greater pleasure than her grandmother’s home cooking, especially her beef recipe.
Operational Department
T +86 755 8659 0652
Suki has worked for JAG UFS all her working life. One thing that surprised Suki was the high customer service levels we offer and likes nothing more than when this is recognised by our clients. She loves playing Badminton and admits she is not as good at cooking as she would like!
Accounting Department
T +86 755 8665 5493
Lina joined JAG UFS in 2016 in the accounts department. She is a very good singer, enjoys music and would love to learn to play an instrument. Although she is a little embarrassed to admit it, she likes to relax with a bowl of vanilla ice cream listening to Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’.
Financial Controller
T +86 755 8665 4915
Wei brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to our accounts team in China. He enjoys an American coffee to start the day and a glass of wine to end the day. At weekends, Wei likes to play the Piano and enjoys yoga. If Wei could ship himself anywhere in the world, it would be to visit Geneva.
Operational Department
T +86 755 8659 0652
Cheryl joined the operations team in 2016 and enjoys the family feel of the office. As a child Cheryl wanted to be a dancer, she is now finally following that passion and learning to dance in her spare time. She is also planning on learning Yoga, so watch this space…
Sales Department
T +86 755 8665 4915
Leo is a fresh new member of our China team, he loved the great atmosphere we have at JAG UFS straight away. Leo plays the guitar, which will be great when we all get together. When not playing the guitar, he enjoys listening to music. He has an irrational fear of losing, which will definitely encourage him to be the success he wants to be!
Hong Kong
T + 85 227 503823 F + 85 235 795569
Ng Yin Yee
Account & Administrative Officer
T +852 (852) 2320 9388
Esther joined the JAG UFS accounts team in 2017 and immediately felt at home. She is a whizz with numbers with an amazing ability to remember long ones. Esther has an inquisitive nature and loves to ask strangers personal questions (so be prepared). She loves cycling and hiking and is currently learning to swim. One day she wants to ship herself to South America to swim in the crystal-clear blue waters, get to know the locals and experience the marvellous food.
T +86 0592 568 9388 F +86 0592 568 9288
Office Manager
T +86 0592 568 9388
Mark has worked for JAG UFS for 15 years, he takes great pride in providing a high level of service and also enjoys the family feel of JAG UFS. He prides himself with being honest, friendly and a kind person. His favourite food is Chinese dumplings. When he was a child, he wanted to be a scientist.
T +86 21 6095 9828 F +86 21 6095 9820
General Manager
T +86 21 6095 9828
Neal has worked in the logistics industry for 20 years and been with JAG UFS for over 15 of those. As a child he wanted to be a mathematician. Neal’s proudest achievement with JAG UFS is the movement of live animals for a zoo project in China which have all arrived safe and healthy.
T +86 21 6095 9828
Kelly loves the family feel of working for JAG UFS. She totally believes in not putting off to tomorrow what can be done today, this attitude shines through on her work. In her spare time, she likes nothing better than curling up on the sofa and watching a good film.
Logistics Specialist
T +86 21 6095 9828
Selina is an expert in sea and air operations and has been with JAG UFS for over 9 years. Selina’s guilty pleasure is food, which she can get away with as she regularly works out with her passion, Yoga. If she could choose a superpower, it would be to fly!
Logistics Specialist
T +86 21 6095 9828
Gina has worked for JAG UFS for over 11 years as a logistics specialist. She regularly goes for brisk walks, especially in Summer. Gina’s loves being in the kitchen baking and she loves Sushi. She is also a keen table tennis player.
Logistics Specialist
T +86 21 6095 9828
Treeya joined JAG UFS in 2017 having already gained huge experience in the logistics sector for over eight years. She likes to start the day with a relaxed breakfast. She is a very keen jogger and loves keep fit, rewarding herself with Tiramisu flavour ice cream. If she could choose a superpower, it would be the ability to time-travel.
T +1 (678) 807 6900 F +1 (678) 807 6901
Special Accounts Liaison
T +1 (678) 807 6900
Jayne joined JAG UFS in November 2016 and instantly became a hit with the customers due to her attention to detail and excellent customer service. Jayne enjoys spending time with her close family whenever she can. She is a keen cook and we are all looking forward to the invite for dinner!
Accounting Assistant
T +1 (678) 807 6900
Angela joined JAG UFS in late 2019, she is new to logistics but comes with a wealth of experience in accounting. Her favourite food is a good old ribeye steak and can often be found supporting her daughter with her passion of cheerleading and spending time with her friends and family.
General Manager
T +1 (562)380 2005
Pam opened our Los Angeles branch in 2019 and then moved to Georgia in 2020 to run our Atlanta and USA operations. She boasts over 30 years of logistics experience. She has always loved the family feel at JAG UFS and is very proud to be heading our Atlanta office. She likes all seafood apart from Sushi – we are guessing she likes her food cooked rather than raw. She is a little crazy (but in a good way), so JAG UFS is a perfect fit.
Import Operations
T +1 770-539-5824
LaShara joined JAG UFS in 2022. She brings 10 years of experience in logistics and loves interacting with clients with both ocean and air import requests – finding the most cost-effective solutions for routing cargo into the USA. LaShara is a morning person, and loves to start the day with coffee and some Jazz music. She wanted to be the first NBA player growing up, and is still a huge fan of LeBron James. She loves being ‘mum’ at the weekends, crocheting, running and DIY projects. If you ever want to make her smile, then a caramel frappe with whipped cream is the way to go.
Project Cargo, USA
T +1 (678) 807-6900 ext 401
Harry joined the JAG UFS team in 2022. He brings over 13 years of experience and loves building client relationships and problem-solving, especially seemingly impossible problems! He’s a huge fan of Formula 1 Racing, loves Indian food, playing golf, video games, watersports and a good book. Harry has 3 dogs (Chase, Storm & Nikki) and breeds Corgis. If he could have any superpower, it would be immortality, but only if his wife was immortal too…
Los Angeles
T +1 (562)380 2005 F +1 (678) 807 6901
Los Angeles Operations
T +1 (562)380 2005
Gabe joined JAG UFS in 2019 and provides a welcome helping hand to Pam. Born and bred in Los Angeles. He is a bit of an action man with some pretty daring things still on his bucket list including base jumping in caves! He enjoys anything that involves exercise, but his guilty pleasure is enjoying a nice cigar.
Finance Manager
T +1 (562)380 2005
Felice is a very welcome addition to oversee the company’s finances in the USA. She brings a spiritual sense of calm to the accounts department, which is much needed with the pressures it brings! With a kind and generous heart, Felice is always looking to help others. She has an irrational fear of cockroaches, but who hasn’t! She must like a bit of spice in her life as her favourite crisps are Jalapeño flavour!
Operations Agent, USA
T +1 562-380-2005 / +1 770-568-7364
Tim joined JAG UFS in 2021. With over 19 years experience in logistics, he excels at on-boarding new clients with his personalised customer service. He loves to train others too. Tim is a morning person, he loves to hit the ground running and always maintains a great sense of humour. He is happiest binge-watching TV at the weekend with his family and a turkey cheeseburger and he loves to collect stamps and coins. When he was growing up he wanted to be President of the United States, we are glad he decided to go for a career in logistics instead!
Katherine R.
Import Operations, Western USA
T +1 (678) 807-6900 Ext 305
Katherine joined the JAG UFS team in 2022. With over 13 years experience in logistics, she is highly service-driven. She is a happy, positive and helpful member of the team and loves the unity of our workplace. She loves to help others, and if she had a superpower it would be the power to heal the sick and feed the hungry. She loves walking on the beach, and dreams of spending the night in a lighthouse and visiting Italy. She’s currently learning to play the piano.
UK Head Office
London Heathrow
Unit 2, Felthambrook Industrial
Centre, Feltham, Middlesex.
TW13 7DU. England
Far East Head Office
Shenzhen, China
Room 02, 11/F, Block East, Coffee Loft
Office, No 12069 Shennan Road,
NanShan District, Shenzhen, P.R. China
USA Head Office
Atlanta, USA
510 Plaza Drive
Suite 1240, Atlanta,
GA 30349, USA
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